Chambolle 2011

Total Surface : 11 ouvrées (1 ouvrée = 4 ares 28)
Grape Variety : Pinot Noir
Average Age of the Vines : 70 years old
Nature of the Soil : This wine is the result of a blending of two parcels: The Seuvrées and The Charreux (50% – 50%). The village appellation stretches over brown calcic and brown limestone soils. The vines benefit from a marl covered with scree and red silt originating from the plateau. The gravel brings an elegance and finesse to the wine while the marl rich with shell and clay fossils gives body and firmness.
Harvesting : Manual Only
Average Production : 2600 Bottles
Characteristics of the Wine : With the spark of youth, the color is a vibrant ruby. With age, the color deepens to a crimson hue, like a black cherry. Strawberry, blackberry, violet, and rose are all a part of its spontaneous aromas; however maturation will bring forth a more licorice bouquet. Full and powerful, rich and bodied, its strong structure is confirmed. Tannins create a velvety touch, enhanced by a very fine grain, without harshness. Can be enjoyed young with its fruity notes; however, this is definitely a wine to be aged.