At the vine

The Lécheneaut Domain practices natural agriculture,

using products for all pest control and only organic matter for fertilizer with the goal of preserving the microbial balance of the soils.

The land is plowed in a traditional fashion and all the vines are pruned in the Simple Guyot style. The disbudding and green pruning are all done by hand to closely control the yields.

Before harvesting, a careful stripping of extra leaves is performed on the north side of each row in order to facilitate aeration for the grapes and to limit the presence of botrytis. If despite all these precautions the harvest volume is predicted to be too high, a green harvest will occur in order to ensure exemplary ripeness of the grapes.

As the harvesting approaches, the grapes are closely watched over….Vincent and Philippe Lécheneaut regularly taste and analyze the berries of each parcel so that they can control the level of sugar, the acidity, and the phenolic maturity. It is only once the grape has sufficiently passed all these tests that the harvest can begin.

The harvesting lasts one week and is handled by a team of forty careful and vigilant pickers who will first sort the grapes on the vines. In order to avoid crushing the grape clusters, the harvest is divided into openwork boxes in which they will go to the winery.