In the cellar


The grapes are placed on a vibrating table, a process that will eliminate any plant debris and insects. Here they will also undergo a second sorting.

Once the stems have been removed, either totally or partially according to the year, they are placed into fermentation vats. After about six days, the alcoholic fermentation begins thanks to the encouragement of indigenous yeasts naturally present on the skin of the grapes.
The wine production lasts two to three weeks according to the vintages and the characteristics of the grapes. During this phase, two operations take place in order to extract all the components of the grape: the punching of the cap, which consists of mixing the contents of the vat while breaking the “hat” or “cap”, and the pumping over, during which the must is withdrawn from the bottom of the vat and then placed on top.
The ideal moment for removing the wine is decided by frequent tastings and a daily analysis of the new wines. After the final pressing, the free run juice and the juice from the press are blended.


Officially, the ageing of the wine begins the moment the future wine is transferred to stainless steel vats in order to perform the settling, or the separation of the juice and the lees or solid particles. The obtained wine is then placed into oak barrels. During the eighteen months of ageing, the malolactic fermentation is mysteriously triggered.
Vincent and Philippe Lécheneaut renew about one-third of their barrels each year, the percentage of new barrels vary according to the characteristics of the vintage and the “cru”.
The permanent pursuit of the aromatic finesse of their pinots noirs encourages Vincent and Philippe Lécheneaut to use only the highest quality oaks from the best French forests.


Once the ageing has finished, the wines are bottled without fining or filtration, with the help of high performance tools. The quality of the corks used for the capping is meticulously chosen.

The bottles of this divine nectar are then carefully placed in air-conditioned cellars where the constant temperature and humidity ensure the perfect ageing. The entire production of the Lécheneaut Domain is bottled.