Total Surface : 34 ouvrées (1 ouvrée = 4 ares 28)
Grape Variety : Pinot Noir
Average Age of the Vines : 50 years old
Nature of the Soil : This wine is the result of a blending of several parcels : The Damodes, The Saint Jacques, The Herbues, The Tuyaux, The Belles Croix, The Charmois, and The Chaliots.

The soils from the Northern parcels contain silt and gravel from the alluvial Meuzin valley. In the southern parcels, the silts originate from the Combe des Vallerots (deep within the earth, marl-limestone).

Harvesting: Manual Only
Average Production : 7500 Bottles
Wine Characteristics : With a purple tint, intense and sometimes veering to mauve, the aromas often evoke rose and licorice.

Young aromas : cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant
Mature aromas : leather, truffle, fur, game

Macerated fruity notes complete the bouquet. Vigorous and robust, it has body and character with a balanced and framed structure. Long lasting on the palate, it can be fully enjoyed after several years of ageing; maturity brings a sultry and elegant roundness.