Total Surface: 4 ouvrées (1 ouvrée = 4 ares 28)
Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
Average Age of the Vines : 70 years old
Nature of the Soil : This vintage is a blend of two areas: “Les Plantes” (representing about ¼ of the blend) and “Les Borniques” (3/4 of the blend). These two parcels are located on the alluvial cone of the Ambin valley and the substratum is composed of Periglacial red silt, enriched with breccias of Bathonian limestones that form the plateau. It is mainly the limestone of Comblanchien and some white oolites.
Harvesting : Manual only
Average Production : 1000 bottles.
Wine Characteristics : Very sophisticated and powerful, this wine boats a density with silky tannins and high quality. Its nose is very delicate, refined, offering red fruits in its youth but also possesses a floral touch (rose petal). In short, it is an iron hand in a velvet glove.