Total Surface : 28 ouvrées (1 ouvrée = 4 ares 28)
Grape Variety : Pinot Noir
Average Age of the Vines : 63 years old
Nature of the Soil :Located on a hill facing south at about 350 meters in altitude, the vines cover the slope of a valley cutting into a plateau of Jurassic limestone, to the west of the “Côte”. The substrate is identical to that of the wine-growing Côte, but the superficial formations are thin, or even non-existent. The chalky-clay soils are a result of the alteration of the limestones and marls of the substrate.
Harvesting : Manual only.
Average Production : Arround 7500 bottles.
Wine Characteristics :This red wine is in line with the Burgundies from the 18th century “full of fire, bite, and lightness, almost all spirit” said Father Claude Arnoux, author of the 1st book about Burgundy wines. Purple or dark ruby in color, it is often boasting aromas of raspberry, black cherry, and licorice. With a direct and firm flavor, it has pleasant tannins when mature, body without being in excess.