Total Surface : 8 ouvrés (1 ouvrée = 4 ares 28)
Grape Variety : Chardonnay
Average Age of the Vines : 25 years old
Nature of the Soil : : Situated on a hillside facing south at about 350 meters of altitude, the vines cover the sloping valley cutting through the Jurassic chalky plateau, west of the “Côte”. The substrate is identical to that of the vine covered hillside, but the surface formations are very thin, at times non-existent. The chalky-clay soils are a result of the alteration of the limestone and marls substrate.
Harvesting : Manual only
Average Production : : Around 2100 bottles.
Wine Characteristics :: With colors ranging from a light golden to a more yellow gold, it is crafted and aged exclusively in oak barrels. To the nose, hawthorn and honeysuckle mingle with apple, lemon, and hazelnut. On the palate, there is a buttery feel with a solid build as well as a certain density and freshness that can easily be remarked in wines from the Hautes Côtes. Very gourmand in its youth, it will also age nicely for a few years.